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Our Goal at MediTrackGPS®

MediTrackGPS® beleive that the ability for seniors to live independently with dignity should be the right of everyone, not only for those that can afford it. With that in mind we built our business with the goal of providing high quality Emergency SOS Medical Alert Pendants also known as 4G Personal GPS Trackers at a price that is affordable to all.

We will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations with our Mobile Alarms. We're committed to providing elderly care services to an ageing world. We use innovative technology to promote independent living with our MediTrackGPS® Emergency SOS Medical Alert Pendants to create a feeling of being safe and secure in your own home. Our global reach and experience means that we have literally thousands of satisfied customers with our mobile alarm systems.

The MediTrackGPS® 4G Personal GPS Trackers use a smart dialer to help Australian seniors make that vital call should an emergency occur. A medical alert device that allows a vulnerable personal to call for help, at the push of a SOS button, should they fall or become unwell.

MediTrackGPS® 4G Personal GPS Trackers are committed to the vision of making independent living available for everyone, not just those that can afford it.

Who needs a MediTrackGPS® Mobile Alarm?

Risks of a Fall at Home

Who is at risk of a fall at Home?

About 36 million falls are reported among older adults each year resulting in more than 32,000 deaths. Each year, about 3 million older adults are treated in emergency departments for a fall injury. One out of every five falls causes an injury, such as broken bones or a head injury.

60% of falls occur at home. They usually occur when getting out of a chair, their bed or when going to the toilet.

The estimated average total of hospital stay due to an injurious fall by an older person is 15 days.

Frequent Falling

Those who fall are two to three times more likely to fall again. The risk of falls increases proportionally with age. At 80 years, over half of seniors fall annually.

Recommended for Seniors

Highly recommended for Seniors

A MediTrackGPS® Medical Alarm is highly recommended for most seniors and is essential for people who suffer from many common medical conditions and disabilities like Dementia and Alzheimer's.

People with these conditions are at risk from falls, becoming lost or the sudden onset of acute symptoms or deterioration in their existing condition.

Returning home from Hospital

It is also recommended in many circumstances by nurses and carers for the elderly who have recently been discharged from hospital.

Why Seniors Fall

Why do seniors Fall?

Older people are at increased risk because normal ageing often involves worsening balance, eyesight, muscle tone & slower reaction times.

Unable to get up after Falling

For the elderly who fall and are unable to get up on their own, the period of time spent immobile often affects their health outcome. Muscle cell breakdown starts to occur within 30-60 minutes of compression due to falling. Dehydration, pressure sores, hypothermia, and pneumonia are other complications that may result.

Getting help after a Fall

Getting help after an immobilizing fall improves the chance of survival by 80% and increases the likelihood of a return to independent living.

4G Medical Emergency SOS Alarms

Supplying our Industry Leading Medical Alert Pendants giving Seniors their Independence.

About our Industry Leading Mobile Alarms

How it Works

The MediTrackGPS® Traveller™, Commuter™, Roamer™, Wanderer™, Sightseer™, Voyager™ and SOSwatch™ Medical Emergency SOS Alarms monitor the wearers movement and location.

It can be used to alert family, friends, carers or emergency services by providing a SMS link to google maps when the SOS button is activated or a fall is detected.

The SOS and fall alerts activated by the MediTrackGPS® Medical Emergency SOS Alarm are sent to your programmed emergency contacts advising them of the time and GPS location of the emergency.

The MediTrackGPS® Medical Emergency SOS Alarm use GPS satellites to pinpoint your precise location and movement.

Two-way Communication

Using 4G LTE mobile voice, WiFi, SMS, location data and the latest in GPS motion and positioning technology.

The MediTrackGPS® Traveller™, Roamer™, Wanderer™ and Sightseer™ Medical Emergency SOS Alarms provide a highly reliable monitoring device in case of an emergency.

Providing the wearer with Two-way voice and SMS communication, pinpoint location, reception indoors and outdoors, hiking or vehicle movement and numerous points of contact in the case of a emergency.  

Emergency Contacts:

Traveller™ stores 3 Emergency Contacts

Commuter™ stores: 3 Emergency Contacts

Roamer™ stores: 3 Emergency Contacts

Wanderer™ stores: 5 Emergency Contacts

Sightseer™ stores: 8 Emergency Contacts

Voyager™ stores: 8 Emergency Contacts

SOSwatch™ stores: 3 Emergency Contacts

Fall Detection

The MediTrackGPS® Traveller™, Commuter™, Roamer™, Wanderer™, Sightseer™, Voyager™ and SOSwatch™ Medical Emergency SOS Alarms have a inbuilt fall detection sensor for Seniors and people living with a Disability like Epilepsy, Dementia or Alzheimer's.

When this setting has been enabled, if your loved one happens to have a fall, the device will send a help me message to all programmed emergency contacts.

Then it will start to call sequence to the programmed emergency contacts until someone answers.

If the device is accidentally dropped, you can press the SOS button to cancel the call sequence. 

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