Detailed Features

Calls your emergency contacts in your preferred sequence
   Press the SOS button and the MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Tracker will begin to call your contacts in your chosen sequence. The wearer can talk and listen hands free through the pendant.
Sends a "help me" SMS to your set emergency contacts
As well as calling all your emergency contacts the MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Tracker will send a "help me" sms message to each person when the contact number is a mobile phone which include the GPS coordinates. (location accuracy: 2.5m) You can select to have no calls and sms message alerts only. 
You can have "000" as one of your emergency contacts
If you want you can make "000" as one of the emergency contacts for the help me call. "000" will not receive the help me text message but they will receive the call.
Automatically answers calls in loudspeaker mode
Hands-free communication through the in-built microphone and speaker with clear high quality sound.
Send a simple command to find its location by GPS
You will receive a reply SMS to your mobile with a google link showing you the GPS coordinates of the MediTrackGPS® Personal Tracker with a accuracy of 2.5m.
Emergency contacts can be changed at anytime 
The MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Tracker contacts can be changed at anytime by sending a command via SMS to the MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Trackers mobile number with the new contact you want listed or removed.
Fall detection SMS sent to emergency contacts
The MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Tracker features fall detection. When a fall has been detected, it will "beep" and "vibrate" before sending a "help me" sms and making the SOS call to the emergency contacts.
Optional GEO fence for the wanderer 
The MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Tracker has the option for GEO fence that sends a warning sms message if the wearer leaves the defined area such as 250 metres or 500 metres. This is ideal for people suffering from alzheimer's and dementia.
Easily programmed by sending SMS commands 
When receiving the MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Tracker you can easily change settings and set features on and off by sending simple SMS commands from your mobile phone to the MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Tracker.