How it Works

Step 1

The MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Tracker is a mobile medical alert device using the 4G LTE network. When the user wears our device it has a SOS button for when the wearer is in an emergency situation or has a fall and needs assistance. 

Step 2

The MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Tracker also has the option to setup fall detection so if the wearer has a fall and is unconscious it will automatically sms "HELP" with the GPS coordinates and start to call the 5 emergency contacts. (can also call 000 or landline numbers)

Step 3

Whoever answers the SOS Call from the MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Tracker is the person who can talk to the wearer of our SOS Personal Location Tracker through it's in-built  two-way speaker. Once it has tried all of the emergency contacts it stops the calling sequence.

Step 4

The first person to answer the call from the MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Tracker will have also received a sms showing the wearers GPS coordinates on Google Maps and can send help to the specified location if its required.

Step 5

You can talk directly to the wearer of the MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Tracker who needs help and keep them calm while they wait for assistance from a friend, a carer or an ambulance to arrive in a emergency situation. If the call happens to drop out you can call the wearer back with ease.

Step 6

In a emergency situation at a seniors home, the person going to assist them will require access to their home. Its best you arrange to leave a key with a neighbour or invest in a secure key safety box to be installed outside of their home.

Simple to setup and use everyday

The MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Tracker is extremely easy to use. We can set it up before sending it out if needed or we can talk you through the setup process.

Easily update contacts and features

You can easily change any of your linked emergency contacts at any time and you can also turn features off/on like low battery or fall detection warnings.